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I’m an avid fan of nature based remedies. One reason I like them so much and research them often is because of the alternatives. Many over the counter and prescription drugs do more harm than good. That’s why they have a long list of side effects.
Most home remedies are not expensive compared to those prescribed by doctors and even some OTC medicine. And they can do their job better because they work with the body and not against it. That’s why I believe natural remedies should be tried first.
Below are 3 of my go to remedies. I’ve used them with much success down through the years. They are ‘dirt’, oil, and vinegar. {Also, remember that God's bible truths are the real remedies for our troubles souls.}

Diatomaceous Earth (or ‘dirt’)
This is a mineral called silica. Our bodies need it but over the years it has become depleted in our foods. Three symptoms I know it can help with are:

Joint pain

I believe DE is a fantastic natural remedy that can improve your health in various ways. If you want to learn more about its enormous benefits then go to

Coconut Oil
I’m fairly sure you’ve heard of at least some of the great benefits of coconut oil. There is refined and unrefined, I believe you should use the unrefined CO. Here are a few things I use it for:

Oil -pulling

I have also read it is good for diaper rash among various other things.

What can I say about this ubiquitous and amazing liquid? More has been written about this kitchen remedy than probably any other in history! Here are a few ways Vinegar (I use plain apple cider vinegar) has been good for me and family:

Stomach virus symptoms
Sinus problems
Poison Ivy
Bug bites

Do you want to know about many more ailments it can remedy? Check out
I'll be adding many more real remedy ideas in the near future.

for the Children of Light

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