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Synergy for Physical Health

How Important Is Supplement Synergy For


Synergy. A simple definition is “the combined power of a group of things when they are working separately. When it comes to the inner workings of our natural bodies it’s about the many system processes and chemical reactions occurring at any given time within us. Because we depend on the nutrients in the food we consume to produce these physiological processes then our diet is of utmost importance to our health.

Unfortunately our soil has become depleted and also contaminated in nefarious ways- such as the effects of a certain type of terrorism. Specifically, I mean agroterrorism- acts designed to damage the agriculture of a state, especially by destroying crops or introducing pests and diseases. Many people are unaware of this serious and wide spread attack on our food supply. Despite this, they’re most likely aware of the fast food addiction that is rampant in every corner of society.

Plus our supermarkets are constantly stocked with highly processed products which are stripped of an enormous amount of nutrients. No wonder the majority of us need vitamin and mineral supplements to help us survive the evil attack on our health and therefore our lives. Unsurprisingly, some governments have made attempts to ban them, saying they are dangerous. But all these high priced and questionable pharmaceuticals with side effects like ‘death’? Oh, they’re miracle working drugs-right?! Let’s not go down that dark tunnel-at this present time.

A huge caveat to taking different supplements is that we need to consider the balance needed to produce true synergy. This post will only discuss the specific vitamins D3 (really a hormone), K2(M7), and Magnesium (glycinate).

First, let’s discuss a few powerful reasons to have plenty of D3 in our body on a daily basis. 1) It’s very important to build up our immune system. Think virus defeater. 2) Bone health-it helps us to absorb calcium. 3) Heart Health-there is much evidence associating congestive heart failure with Vitamin D deficiency.

Now let’s look at K2 and its benefits. Though D3 absorbs calcium, K2 is in charge of distributing it to the bones and teeth. They are known to work synergistically. Plus, it’s the reason these 2 supplements can be bought together and at the right ratio. It will prevent calcium from being sent into the arteries to produce plaque build up. K2 also fights dementia and is essential for blood clotting. Also, it assists in preventing urinary tract infections and kidney stones.


It’s crucial to understand the synergy and balance needed between magnesium and D3. Magnesium glycinate is the preferred type because it is one of the most easily absorbed by the body. What’s more, if you’re deficient in this mineral it can seriously decrease the level of active D that you will be able to use. The combined effect of taking these 2 supplements is important for regulating normal muscle function and for supporting healthy blood sugar and insulin levels. Studies have also been done suggesting that this nutrient power couple can help with anxiety and depression.

From the above information it should be evident that Vitamin D3 needs K2 along beside it to take calcium to the places where the body needs it. And it stops calcium from going to the arteries where plaque could build up. Also magnesium is needed for the activation of D3. On the other side, low levels of D3 hinders the absorption of magnesium in our intestines. They work together to protect our bones, heart, immune system, metabolism..etc. And balance of these nutrients is key. This is the reason we must be careful and well informed when we take them.

Click on the infograph below to find resources for you to delve deeper into the benefits and importance of D3, K2(m7) and Magnesium(glycinate) for our optimum health. Especially in this present climate of questionable pharmaceuticals and food supply attacks.

In a future post I'll share what the Bible teaches on the vital need for synergy(unity) in the body of Christ. Psalm 133; John 17; Ephesians 4







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